1Stroke engine with VPT & VCR technology

Patent granted in EU, US, Japan, China, South Korea
The 1S ICE reduces volume, mass and complexity while maximizing fuel efficiency & performance

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) are the dominant form of automotive power today and, with more than 200M units being produced per year, will almost inevitably play an important role in the global transportation sector in the decades ahead.

Almost a decade ago INNengine understood that the future of transportation will almost certainly require liquid fuel and that the development of breakthrough high-efficiency thermal engines presents a huge opportunity for dramatic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, significantly more efficient engines could allow the transportation sector to use as little as half as much fuel, which in turn would cut emissions per mile in half.

INNengine understood that the time had come to completely rethink Internal Combustion Engines and thus the 1Stroke engine was conceived.

  • Reduction of total displacement up to 75%. A 1Stroke 500cc engine generates the same power with the same number of revolutions of a 4Stroke 2.000cc engine

  • Up to 70%. The volume of the 1Stroke engine is about 30% the volume of a traditional 4Stroke engine

  • Up to 75%. The weight of a 1Stroke engine is about 25% the weight of an equally powered 4Stroke engine

  • Reduction of mechanical parts up to 70%. Strong reduction of parts and components. A 1Stroke engine has nearly 70% fewer components compared to a traditional 4Stroke engine

the company

who we are

INNengine S.L. is an engineering company founded in 2010 and based in Granada (Spain). The aim of the company is to develop innovative internal and external combustion engines

what we do

INNengine has completed a physical prototype of the highly innovative 1Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (1S ICE).

This prototype already implements the revolutionary Variable Ports-Timing and Variable Compression Ratio systems (VPT & VCR) which are perfectly inbuilt in its architecture and enhance both efficiency and performance.

The embedded technology is 100% proprietary and has been patented

why we do it

We started by deeply analyzing both the energy and transport industries as well as the existing alternatives in the market in order to satisfy their needs.

Tighter restrictions on pollution and emissions are increasing price and complexity of traditional 4Stroke engines.

Technology and infrastructures for full-electric vehicles are still immature and cannot be considered a feasible solution in the mid term.