julio 26, 2019


Solar Blue is a project participated by the companies Ghenova Engineering, Magtel, Capsun Technologies and INNengine born from years of research and development in the solar sector. It consists of the conceptual design and calculation of a new type of solar plant that is the first worldwide concept of a photovoltaic plant with thermal cogeneration. This cogeneration occurs through the use of selective light filters that allow the passage of visible radiation where the photovoltaic cell is efficient, reflecting blue and infrared radiation to a central receiver to generate heat, which can be used to provide storage or manageability to the photovoltaic solar field, or in industrial applications producing electricity and heat (steam or hot water) at the same time, very valuable resources in industrial processes.

On the other hand, INNengine is developing in parallel a new external combustion engine (INN-ECE) whose most immediate impact is the advance in cogeneration as well as the best use of solar energy. Due to this, in 2018 INNengine becomes part of the Solar Blue project with the main objective of modeling and dimensioning its external combustion engine adapted to the demands of the project.


Project duration: 2018/2020

Project financed by: