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our mission

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of autonomous applications by developing the lightest, most efficient, power-dense and vibration-free engines the world has ever seen.

At INNengine we strive to empower a new era of independence and reliability, providing these applications with the freedom to operate untethered from the grid: anywhere, anytime.

Choose freedom, choose INNengine.


Experience the freedom of untethered power supply.

INNengine signifies the most remarkable revolution in internal combustion engines since the inception of the Otto engine. Its revolutionary patented technology is a breakthrough in terms of weight and size-to-power ratio, as well as efficiency, all while being completely vibration-free! These qualities make it the ideal choice for an airborne range extender generator and a compelling solution for modern propulsion needs.

The compact, Net-0 power solution


Commercial Drone Market:
fly for hours, not minutes.

INNengine is proud to announce that it is focusing its cutting-edge ultralight generator technology on the drone/UAV sector. With drones becoming increasingly critical for a wide range of applications, from aerial surveying to emergency response, the need for reliable and long-lasting power has never been greater.

By leveraging our ultralight generator technology, we can provide drones with a highly efficient and lightweight power source, enabling them to fly for hours instead of mere minutes. We believe that this technology will transform the drone industry, unlocking new capabilities and expanding the potential of this rapidly-evolving field.