Pre-series manufacturing, Santander award and hydrogen engine progress

With September and half October already in the rearview mirror we tell you what is coming and what we are working on.

The manufacture of the first limited pre-series of our REX-B engines, intended for RC/drones aviation, is nearing its end with 95% of the components manufactured. In this final stretch we have encountered some delays, mainly due to the impact that the war in Ukraine continues to have on the supply chain. Even so, we hope to have the first engines assembled and running by the end of October and the first results and flight tests in November.

On the institutional side, September has been a very busy month: we have submitted our candidacy for the Santander X Global Challenge | Countdown to Zero award. Out of more than 500 startups worldwide that applied, only 60 passed the first phase and only 10 made it to the final. In the final, we had the pleasure of defending the INNengine project before a jury with high-ranking officials not only from Banco Santander, but also from Formula 1 and emblematic companies such as Ferrari.

Our pitch had a very positive response, in an environment with a very high level. Whoever wins, to have reached the final phase, ahead of 98% of the candidate participants, is an immense honor. The die is cast!

At the development level, we are continuing to make progress on the design of our hydrogen engine. This will not be a mere adaptation of a conventional engine, but the first engine designed from scratch by optimizing its geometry and characteristics for use with hydrogen. In addition, it will incorporate the latest technology in direct injection with active pre-chamber. We leave you a preview of the latest simulations just out of the oven.

Once again thanks to all of you who are there giving us your support, best regards!

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